Peekamoose Blue Hole – Swimming In The Sundown Wild Forest!

Peekamoose Blue Hole is one of the greatest swimming holes in the country, and it still is, despite overuse in recent years. Located in Sundown Wild Forest, it’s a 25 min amazing, winding, drive from Glenford House.

New York State has taken steps to preserve and protect Blue Hole. A free permit is now required, but only on weekends. “New York State (DEC) announced a new no-cost, day use permitting system requiring visitors to obtain a permit to access the Blue Hole, located in the Sundown Wild Forest of the Catskill Park in the town of Denning, Ulster County. The new permitting system is designed to strike a balance between ensuring State lands are open and accessible to the public while reducing environmental damage and enhancing public safety.” To get permit:

Peekamoose Rd, Grahamsville, NY 12740 call (845) 256-3076
The water is crystal clear and clean, and cold. Blue Hole is actually blue from its depth (about 15 ft) and purity. Upstream is the Sundown Wild Forest, and the mountains of Catskill State Park. The lush topography provides natural diving spots, and big slabs and steps of stone perfect for basking in the sun to warm up and dry out. There’s even a rope swing! The area is a deep notch in the forest with amazing waterfalls and other areas excellent for swimming, and diving.

Upstream from Blue Hole the water isn’t as deep, and it’s a short easy hike where you’ll find more privacy, and other swimming holes that are safer for kids. There’s even a natural water ride into Blue Hole, where the stone channel has been worn smooth from centuries of water flow.

Buttermilk Falls is another easy walk from Blue Hole. The pool at the bottom reminds me of Gollum’s fishing spot in Lord of the Rings.

Buttermilk Falls. Amazing is not an exaggeration!

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